Just how plants thrive in acidic soil, so too does disease flourish in an acidic body! Fight Disease! Alkalize your body with high pH water, infused with essential minerals! A cost effective and HEALTHIER alternative to tap or bottled water!

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5 stage filter

The 5 Stage ALKALINE Filter is stages 2 through stage 6 of the Santevia Gravity Water Systems. This filter hangs within the Lower Tank.

Alkaline Energy Flask

Receive the benefits of alkaline, re-mineralized water wherever you go! With the Santevia(R) Energy Flask you can create cost effective alkaline water in a reusable, socially responsible, stainless ... more info.

Alkaline Energy Flask Replacement Basket

Replacement Mineral Basket for Santevia Energy Flask

Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Santevia ALKALINE Water Filtration Pitcher creates healthy mineralized and alkaline water in a convenient hand held pitcher that can fit in the door of your refrigerator. Essential minerals are ... more info.

Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter

Single Filter for the Santevia Alkaline Water Filtration Pitcher Replace every 2 months.

Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter - 3 Pack

Enjoy more filtered water from the Santevia Alkaline Water Filtration Pitcher. Six Months Supply. Replace each filter every 2 months.

Alkaline Water Stick

The Santevia Alkaline Water Stick is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket and convenient for traveling or the office. The stick contains all natural compounds such as tourmaline stone, minerals ... more info.

Alklaine Gravity System Countertop Model

Santevia ALKALINE Gravity Water Systems recreate the Earth's perfect process of purifying, mineralizing, alkalinizing and vitalizing water. Each drop of ordinary tap water is gravity dripped, ... more info.

Alklaine Gravity System Dispenser Model

Santevia ALKALINE Water Gravity Dispenser System recreates the Earth's perfect process of purifying, mineralizing, alkalinizing and vitalizing water. Each drop of ordinary tap water is gravity ... more info.

Ceramic Pre-filter

The Ceramic Pre-Filter is stage 1 of the 8 stages of the Santevia Gravity Water Systems - Countertop and Dispenser Models.

Mineral Stones

The loose Mineral Stones make up stage 7 of the 8 stage filter system and sit in the Lower Tank of the Gravity Water System Models.

Shower Filter

Chlorine from showering may result in a higher chlorine intake than drinking tap water daily. Santevia NMC technology utilizes nano-metallic clusters (NMC) to effectively reduce chlorine and heavy ... more info.

Tritan Water Bottle

With a sleek and contoured easy-to-grip shape, the Santevia Tritan(TM) Water Bottle is the perfect eco-friendly companion for the gym, hiking, or just on the go. Conveniently fits most conventional ... more info.

Water Test Kit

The Santevia Alkaline Water Analysis Test kit is a convenient, instant and easy way to check your alkaline water quality.

If you had to take a sample of the water that we drink ever day then you would probably be absolutely horrified at the contaminants that we put into our bodies every day. This is over and above the unhealthy food and drinks that we consume at every opportunity. Water is supposed to be the way in which we flush those contaminants out of our bodies, but all the water we are drinking now is doing is adding to the pollutants in our bodies.

There is a remedy for this situation though; there are a variety of water filtration devices available these days. These devices perform a variety of different functions and there is enough of a variety for all needs and budgets to be catered for. You will need to do a little research in order to determine the optimal unit for you and your home. There are certain questions that you will need to answer in order to ensure that you obtain the best water filtration unit for your needs.

Some of these questions include: What type of water am I currently being supplied with? Where am I planning to use the water filtration unit? What sort of budget do I have for this unit? How much water do I and/or the household currently use? What types of contaminants are most prevalent in my water? What does the filtration unit do? These are only some queries that you may need to consider when evaluating water filtrations units.

These units are investments in your health and the health of your family so you will need to determine which factors have priority for you. Filtered water will provide with the water that will do the multiple jobs that water is supposed to do. The filtered water will hydrate you and help to regulate your internal functions. The filtered water will also help to flush out impurities that accumulate within the body.

Some units are designed to go outside the house, for instance Garden Water Filters that are intended to be used in the garden to help eliminate chlorine and the harmful effects that it has on your garden. The Ultraviolet sterilizer is also for use outside, in your pond. The sterilizer is intended to kill harmful bacteria that can harm the fish in your pond.

The majority of units are intended for use indoors, they are utilized to provide clean, healthy water for drinking and cooking with. There are different units that provide different levels of filtration, but all of them provide you with water that is far more beneficial and healthy than the water that you would normally get from a tap.

There is a countertop water filter that can be moved around from room to room depending on where you need it; it uses carbon to filter out the contaminants. The whole house filter provides filtered water throughout the house for cooking, drinking and cleaning. Water distillers eliminate biological contaminants and vastly diminish chemical contaminants from the water that you receive.

Water ionization units not only filter the water through carbon, they also put the water through an ionization process to produce healthy, alkaline water. Reverse Osmosis systems filter the water through a membrane that only allows water molecules through and no large compounds. The water magnets are used on the exterior of pipes and appliances to eliminate the scale buildup on the inside of the pipe or appliance and to prolong the life of the appliance.